Monday, May 6, 2013

Deep Purple - Come Hell or High Water (1993)

Deep Purple - Come Hell or High Water (1993)

Come Hell or High Water is a DVD by the hard rock group Deep Purple. It was recorded on 16 October 1993 in "Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle" in Stuttgart, Germany and in Birmingham on 9 November.
This DVD is one of the last to feature Ritchie Blackmore, as he quit after the concert on 17 November 1993 in Helsinki, Finland. He was replaced by Joe Satriani for the rest of the tour and later by Steve Morse.

DVD Track listing

    "Highway Star"
    "Black Night"
    "Talk About Love"
    "A Twist in the Tale"
    "Perfect Strangers"
    "Beethoven's Ninth"
    "Knocking at Your Back Door"
    "Anyone's Daughter"
    "Child in Time"
    "The Battle Rages On"
    "Space Truckin'"
    "Woman From Tokyo"
    "Paint It Black"
    "Smoke on the Water"

Deep Purple

    Ritchie Blackmore - guitar
    Ian Gillan - vocals
    Roger Glover - bass
    Jon Lord - organ, keyboards
    Ian Paice - drums